Best Snooker Dining Tables: Convertible + Fit For Dinner!

Want to play snooker at home? The perennial issue with doing so is space.

Unless you have a room dedicated solely to cue sports, you will struggle to fit a snooker table (of even the smallest size) in to your home.

That’s where the snooker dining table comes in. We’re not sure who first came up with the idea of a snooker table that you can eat your dinner off, but we consider it an ingenious tour de force in domestic negotiation.

In this post we’ll look at several of the best snooker dining tables. We’re mostly covering UK companies, although some will happily export if you are willing to swallow the almighty shipping costs. You absolute psycho, you.

Before we get to the best tables…

What Is A Snooker Dining Table?

Well, the clue is in the name, but if you haven’t figured it out already…

A snooker dining table is essentially a hybrid table that comes with a cover/topper to make it convertible. One minute your chin is grazing the baize, the next the kids are chucking food around what used to be the baulk area.

It’s a great dining room compromise that allows you to get in some snooker practice at home, without requiring an extra dedicated room (for the family to feed in 😉 ).

Naturally, snooker dining tables come in a variety of styles and finishes that range from beautifully disguised ornamental antiques (“Would never have guessed there’s a cloth under there…”) to budget unconvincing Worst Of Both Worlds (“Watch out, Eric. Your gravy’s rolling towards the pocket!”).

The quality of the tables you can buy is tied directly to the budget at your disposal. Snooker dining tables range in price from the low three figures, to a sizeable house deposit.

We’ve included some options below that we consider functional value-for-money, along with some that scream ‘ideal for kitting out your castle’.

If you opt for the latter, we’d appreciate an invite to dinner as we don’t get paid for these recommendations!

The Best Snooker Dining Tables

Here are the companies and distributers to consider:


FCSnooker boasts one of the largest cue sport stores in the world (albeit one that could do with a facelift). It has a well earned reputation for quality products, whether you’re looking for a new table or a new tip.

Their snooker dining table range consists of six models, each available in four sizes (6, 7, 8 or 9 feet). They are typically crafted from Mahogany, Oak or Ash. Full customisation of colours and finishes is available, making these a great choice if you want to design to spec.

Models include:

The Traditional snooker dining table

‘The Traditional’ convertible snooker dining table from FCSnooker

The Traditional (dining table setup)

‘The Traditional’ converted for dinner time, image via FCSnooker.

Each convertible table boasts a precision ground slate bed playing surface, with hard-wearing 100% wool napped cloth. The tables look super impressive in both setups – whether you’re looking to play snooker or smash a Sunday roast. They are available with a complete range of supporting accessories (scoreboards, wall racks, cue stands, etc).

The price will depend on the size you require with most 6 ft tables starting around the £2000 mark (+VAT), up to £3000 (+VAT) for the larger 9 ft models.

For the craftsmanship you’re getting here, that’s not a bad deal at all.

Birmingham Billiards

These snooker dining tables check the box: absolutely pornographic.

If you are a fan of Art Deco who also happens to want a massive snooker table in his living room, well Bob’s your uncle, and Birmingham Billiards has some stunning convertible tables that will induce pure scorn from your friends down the club.

They currently have 13 snooker dining table models, each with a distinct aesthetic that combines high quality craftsmanship with a durable playing surface.

Their range includes:

Our favourite would have to be the ‘X Style’ – a design that reeks of the purest coffee table nonchalance. For the die-hard who wants to take no more than 3 steps between reading The Sunday Times on his sofa and smashing open the pack.

The X Style, best convertible snooker dining table

The ‘X Style’ convertible dining snooker table, courtesy of Birmingham Billiards.

As you might guess by some of the naming choices here, Birmingham Billiards is targeting the luxury end of the market and it’s reflected in prices that range from around £4700-£5200 (+VAT). Available sizes include 6ft, 7ft, 8ft or 9ft.

There are opportunities to customise your table.

For example, you can pick out your desired cloth colour from their handy palette:

Choose your cloth colour

Answer me this, though: who are the people choosing RED as a cloth colour on a snooker table?

Is the game not hard enough as it is?

Snooker and Pool Table Company

The Snooker & Pool Table Company is another games room specialist with a variety of snooker dining table options.

Their models are what you would describe as traditional. Built in European oak with sturdy frames and ‘rise and fall’ height adjustable surfaces (you don’t want to be eating your dinner at snooker table height!), the tables are 7ft in size by default.

Below you can see the rise and fall mechanism in action on their 7ft Dark Oak option:

Rise and Fall Mechanism on a convertible snooker table

The ‘Rise and Fall’ height adjusting mechanism that prevents you from eating your dinner like a dog. Image via Snooker & Pool Table Company

The company currently has 8 models available, each with an oaky angular executive vibe. The dining tops are available in 1, 2 or 3 piece depending on your preference, whilst a set of snooker balls (2″) and two ash cues come with each purchase. You’ll also get a snooker table protector, brush and chalk.

Pricing is by quote.

We sent a quote so that we could publish some rough pricing info but hadn’t heard back at the time of publication.

Brown’s Antiques

If you are looking for a rare snooker diner, Brown’s Antiques has a limited selection of antique convertible snooker tables that have been getting the job done for years, and in some cases decades.

Take the 6ft Oak Riley convertible, for example.

Antique Convertible Snooker Table Diner from Riley

Antique convertible snooker diner table from Riley (made 1910s)

This convertible table was crafted back in 1910 and boasts a single piece precision ground Welsh slate bed. The rise and fall mechanism has stood the test of time, although we can’t vouch for the original cloth! Full restoration is included with any purchase:

  • The company revives and Fresh polishes the woodwork
  • Recovers the playing surface with traditional green cloth
  • Re-rubbers the cushions
  • Replaces the nets, or provides ‘antiqued nets’ if a traditional look is preferred

What we love about these tables is their individual history.

You’re buying a timepiece, a table that has been around the block and seen many, many missed pots. Maybe even from your great grandparents…

At present the company has around 20 antique tables available. They come in all different styles and sizes, including a full-size 12 ft convertible! Prices are all over the place depending on the quality and rarity of each table.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Have you invested in a snooker dining table? What did you buy, and how does it rate?

Let us know in the comments below.

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