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Welcome to Snooker Me!

As you will quickly discover: This is not a professional take on the game, and we are seriously lacking in coaching accreditations. We swear a lot. We snap cues. We occasionally pot blinders. But we always enjoy our time buried in the deepest darkest recess of our safe haven: a dimly lit snooker hall.

What you will find here is life through the lens of the opinionated club banger.

A blog that exists for love of the game -- playing it, watching it, talking crap about it, running away from the wife to play a few frames of it.

Every snooker player has his two cents to offer, and you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to have stumbled across ours. From product reviews to dodgy practice tips, and thoughts on the professional tour. Don't forget to sign up for the Spotted newsletter if you'd enjoy a regular dose of our content.

See you on the baize!

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